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Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor7.0

Serial Port Monitor - Monitor serial ports via your network

Serial Port Monitor lets users monitor the activity of serial ports on their computer via a network connection. The application gives users critical information about the status of com ports and the devices connected to them which makes the application great for troubleshooting connections. A host of advanced features allow IT pro's to use the program as part of their diagnostic process.
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  • by Anonymous

    64-bit+virtual environment. Serial port is shareable!. Haven't found any alternatives for the 64-bit environment. This tool allows to work with virtual machine and this is really helpful for my work! Pros: virtual machine. 64-bit environment

  • by Anonymous

    Helpful for everyday usage. Compairing to the closest competitors, this app is much more easier and stable. Filtering and search tools are really helpful.

  • by Anonymous

    Good solution for everyday monitoring of the serial port.. As long as native Microsoft utility PortMon doesn't support 64-bit environment, I had to search for new solutions. well, this software rocks! Pros: ability to monitor serial port device activity remotely. filtering feature. Cons: expensive, but really qualitative